The Company, the Name.


Com in-Genio is a business project that was conceived as an idea in 2004, 12 years have passed since it began to prowl in the head of Carlos Andrés González create a company, become independent, have their own source of income, but would not be any company, would be a technological one.

The Plan.

But, what would be your niche and how to reach it? It is a path that one would have to go through with patience, effort, discipline, work and preparation, little by little go buy the tools, make the necessary investments; It would take time, knowledge and economic resources.



To learn; To have your own business or company starting from scratch, with few economic resources as they create 90% of companies on the planet, it requires knowledge in many areas, now imagine what is required to create a technological company in America Latina, specifically in Colombia.

There are many challenges, many giants to overcome, but, Would you give up? … And not knowing how your story ends? Because you are the one who writes it, no one else will do it for you.

This will be a journey where I will tell you, showing and teaching that dreams can be fulfilled, that require a price to reach them, but that you are the only one that can make them come true, born in your mind, you have to care for them, feed them and slowly You will grow, they are your children, your conquests, your achievements …

Not to show the world what you are capable of; Are to demonstrate to yourself the strong and brave person that God ** made of you.


The Present and Future.

This story is not fantasy is a reality; Is my life and I invite you to take courage, take your breath, get up and keep walking … In front is the realization of your life, I’m just an example that can be achieved, and if I could do it you can too.


If my example, well … if I can help you, my hand is stretched out to do it.


And I expect to see them in some corner of La Bitácora … Com in-Genio, in the articles I’ll tell you how to move from an idea to a fact.


PS: (**) … That is another story that you will also know.




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